Boxscore Breakdown #103: WHAT IS HAPPENING?!? – Angels 4, Tigers 0


Efren Navarro is suddenly carrying the offense? J.B. Shuck is being used as a defensive replacement? Justin Verlander is getting outpitched by Matt Shoemaker? Erick Aybar is batting clean-up???

Quick, someone tell me what color the sky is because I need to confirm that we haven’t crossed over into another dimension. I don’t even understand what is going on anymore.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Efren Navarro hit his first homer in the Majors. He continues to be an unlikely this year, but mainly in this homestand. I apologize for all the times I said he wasn’t a real prospect. Oh, and C.J. Cron had a nice game as well. That was very much needed, though I imagine he is now firmly in a platoon with Navarro once Hamilton gets healthy.

That’s an MVP performance right there for Miguel Cabrera. Austin Jackson had to ruin the fun though by being the only Tiger on the positive side of the axis.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Justin Verlander hasn’t had a very good year, but this wasn’t a particularly bad start. It also wasn’t particularly good, which is a problem for him because Matt Shoemaker was outstanding. The only oddity was Scioscia yanking him after seven innings even though he had used a scant 78 pitches.

Bullpen Battle

It was a drama-free night for Jepsen and Grilli. Joakim Soria made his Detroit debut and could only get one out, which tickles me to no end.

Game Flow

This chart is pretty straightforward as the Tigers never got a runner into scoring position after the first inning. It was just all uphill for the Halos.

Halo Hero

Apologies to Navarro and his first homer, but seven shutout innings against the team you grew up rooting for and doing it with your family in attendance just for the occasion trumps a first homer.

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