Boxscore Breakdown #105: Ferry trouble – Orioles 7, Angels 6

This is normally the part where I make some pithy observation about the game or a pun or some super insightful analysis on a particular event in the game. Some of those things happen more than others. Today, however, I can’t do that because I neither watched nor heard the contest.

Why? Because it took me FIVE hours to commute home yesterday. One of the perils of living on an island is that when the ferry to said island breaks down, you are kind of boned. So I was stranded at the ferry terminal for hours on end scared to even listen to the game on my phone so that I could preserve my battery for calling home. I guess the moral of the story here is that while the loss was disappointing, at least you didn’t get stuck in a ferry terminal without food, water, bathroom access, a chair or an update from the Washington State Ferry people on what in green hell was going on.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Yay! The Angels offense is back, or at least it was for a few innings. Also, Josh Hamilton is alive and he hitting homers again. I’m pretty sure he just wanted to make me look stupid for questioning whether or not his power was gone for good in a post yesterday. Albert Pujols had three hits as well, which is usually a recipe for victory, but Erick Aybar had other ideas.

Angel Killer Adam Jones had another homer, but he didn’t have that big of a day. Those honors went to Nick Markakis and Manny Machado. Jered Weaver continued his mastery over Nelson Cruz, but that was about it. Also, apparently Delmon Young is still alive.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Jered Weaver was just awful. Just about everything he threw was up in the zone and he paid for it time and time again. Fortunately, Chris Tillman wasn’t very good either, though the defense behind him didn’t do him any favors.

Bullpen Battle

Both bullpens were actually pretty great as they each went over six innings and allowed just one run. Unfortunately, the Angels’ bullpen allowed the last run. Oh well, nobody’s perfect and it isn’t like anyone is going to be upset that Cory Rasmus was the one that gave up the dinger.

Game Flow

The first four innings of this game were kind of bonkers as the two sides took turns coughing up leads. Things quickly settled down though after the managers went to the bullpens. From there on out it was the standard tied game back-and-forth until Manny Machado finally allowed everyone to go to bed.

Halo A-Hole

Rasmus may have given up the walk-off dinger, but Weaver started the home run trend. C’mon, Jered. You’ve got to set a better example for the youngsters.

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