Boxscore Breakdown #106: You’re not paying attention – Orioles 4, Angels 3

Let’s be honest. You’re not going to read this. You’re not paying attention at all. The trade deadline is happening and stuff is actually going down this year. Why would you waste time to read a game recap? What’s wrong with you?

Run Expectancy Rundown

Chris Iannetta had the big hit, well, it had to be big since there were only four hits in the game. The guy who didn’t have the big hit was Mike Trout, who once again finds himself in a slump after Seattle finally showed everyone that pitching Trout up and in to be a good idea. Turns out those heat maps know what they are talking about.

Fucking Adam Jones, man. Enough already.

Starting Pitcher Scores

It wasn’t a bad start for Garrett Richards, but he is clearly working through some things that held over from his last outing. Kevin Gausman was pretty terrific, especially if you discount the one bad inning he had.

Bullpen Battle

Jason Grilli was fine in keeping the game close, but the Baltimore bullpen was better at keeping the Angels from scoring.

Game Flow

Things started out poorly, then they got worse, then they got better, then they slowly got bad and never recovered.

Halo A-Hole

Sure would’ve been swell had he gotten a hit in the fifth inning.

Garrett Wilson

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