Boxscore Breakdown #107: Redemption – Angels 1, Orioles 0

If ever there was a fanbase ready to light up a star player, it was the Angels fanbase after his two GIDPs early in the game. Fortunately, he redeemed himself by driving in the winning run here. It saved him from the wrath of fans and might’ve bought the team a brief reprieve for standing pat at the trade deadline while the A’s, Tigers and Mariners all got much better.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Looking at the linescore, it is hard to understand how the Angels didn’t score more than one run when they had 12 hits. Then you realize that four of them came from David Freese. Then you realize that Albert Pujols had two GIDPs. When people talk about hit cluster bad luck. This is what they are talking about.

In a 13-inning game that includes on one run scored, lots of guys are going to have bad days, but Jonathan Schoop was their king in this one. Caleb Joseph was the only starter with a positive RE24, and Chris Davis snuck in there after coming into the game late.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Tyler Skaggs was on his way to a great start, maybe even something special, but his forearm started to bark and the Angels were wise to give him an early hook. Bud Norris continued his inexplicable mastery over the Halos.

Bullpen Battle

The bullpen really saved the day here, despite the odd choices from Scioscia who went to his long men, Cory Rasmus and Hector Santiago, before he had used Huston Street or even Joe Thatcher. The O’s bullpen was strong as well, but this time the Angels outlasted them.

Game Flow

This is what happens when nobody scores for 12 innings.

Halo Hero

So close to being the goat, but he wound up the hero.

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