Boxscore Breakdown #110: Angels 7, Rays 5

Run Expectancy Rundown

This was a vintage Mike Trout performance with him doing damage in just about every possible way. Efren Navarro got back at it as well after the brief foray with J.B. Shuck stealing his playing time. Josh Hamilton whiffed twice, but he did have two hits, so maybe the finger isn’t going to be a long-term problem. At least Hamilton has an excuse if he does struggle. Albert Pujols has no real excuse for his recent slump. Well, other than being old and declining in talent level.

The Tampa lineup got contributions throughout. Nobody was great and nobody was terrible, except for Kevin Kiermaier (damn, almost got through this series without having to try to type that name). He made the final out in three innings in which the Rays were making a real rally effort. He was very helpful to the Angels.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Jered Weaver wasn’t particularly sharp again, but it was good enough for a guy who got staked to a five-run lead before ever stepping on the mound. Jake Odorizzi got hammered in the first inning but got let off the hook the next two innings before hitting the showers.

Bullpen Battle

Jason Grilli finally had his first real awful outing as an Angel, so we shouldn’t complain too much. His bullpen mates didn’t help them too much by letting some of his inherited runners score. Despite that, this was a game where having such a deep bullpen really helped because it gave Scioscia the freedom to not have to stick with Grilli or Jepsen and longer than he felt he had to. Fortunately, the Rays bullpen lacked that depth, meaning that Jeff Beliveau had to stick around and allow those precious insurance runs.

Game Flow

The Angels took control early then spent the rest of the game watching that control nearly slip through their fingers. They tried and tried and tried to let it get away, but they managed not to screw it up, which is nice.

Halo Hero

Mike Trout set ’em up, the rest of the team knocked ’em down.

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