Boxscore Breakdown #118: Proof of life – Angels 7, Phillies 2

When the Angels managed to screw up their bases loaded situation in the first inning, it really seemed like it was going to be another one of those nights where they find new ways not to score. Interference for running inside the baseline? Sure, why not. They’re doing everything else wrong. Mix in a mind-boggling C.J. Wilson and the Angels were perfectly set up for an incredibly frustrating night. Or I should say “another incredibly frustrating night.”

But lo and behold… LIFE! The Angels are alive. The bats woke up, for one inning at least. A massive, Marlon Byrd-aided seven-run inning and suddenly all seemed right with the world. The fact that they were getting shutdown by Jerome Williams was suddenly forgotten.

Now we just need to hope that this wasn’t just a one inning aberration.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Kole Calhoun got the scoring started and generally set the tone for the big inning. Mike Trout and Erick Aybar failed to follow suit, but most everyone else did. Brennan Boesch made his return to the lineup in an attempt to infuse some life into the order, but didn’t really do much. We’ll see just how many more chances he gets.

Darin Ruf gave C.J. Wilson a rough time, as did Marlon Byrd, but he had a rough time himself in the field, largely canceling out what he did on offense. That was really just about all that the Phillies could get going.

Starting Pitcher Scores

C.J. Wilson made progress yet again. I’d say he is definitely on the beam, though I wouldn’t say he is very well balanced up there. I hope he has a spotter. Jerome Williams acquitted himself nicely, which was really frustrating because he isn’t good, yet the Angels made him look good.

Bullpen Battle

Fernando Salas was strong in relief and Jason Grilli faced just two batters, but did well to stamp out what little rally the Phillies were trying to mount. On the other side, big ups to Ryne Sandberg for sticking with Antonio Bastardo for so long despite his struggles and lack of platoon match-ups. That was just as big a contributor to the Angels’ big inning as Marlon Byrd’s missed catch was.

Game Flow

That first blown chance for the Angels looked like it was going to haunt them as they slowly saw their win probability whither away only to explode back to near certainty by the end of their big inning.

Halo Hero

Sometimes the tablesetter gets to clear the table too. Sometimes they even have to do both in the same inning.

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