Boxscore Breakdown #119: Better lucky than good – Angels 4, Phillies 3

Let’s be honest, the Angels should’ve lost this game. The offense produced four runs, but that was a function of some poorly hit balls finding places to land somehow. This was a far cry from the seven-run outburst the game before. It was a more of the ineptness we’ve seen since the break, only with a little bit of good luck mixed in. That applies to the pitching side too as Weaver pitched a poor game, but danced around all his mistakes somehow.

These aren’t necessarily bad things though. Sometimes to get out of a slump, you need some breaks to go your way, if only for the mental boost of knowing that the baseball gods haven’t conspired against you. I don’t know that I’d qualify this game as a step forward, but I wouldn’t call it step backwards either.

Run Expectancy Rundown

The Angels didn’t hit the ball so much in this one, but they did draw quite a few walks, which led to a pretty solid day for much of the lineup. Howie Kendrick had the big contribution with his well-placed blooper. Brennan Boesch finally got on the board too as he showed that his best trait as a hitter is the ability to make an out. Whatever works. Perhaps the Halos wouldn’t have struggled so much had Mike Trout not been so bad in this one.

Not a lot of positive for a team with 11 hits, which is kind of weird. Jimmy Rollins and Carlos Ruiz were both a big problem for the Angels and I imagine that Ben Revere would’ve been as well had he not gotten picked off.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Jered Weaver was awful in this game, don’t let the game score fool you. He left a ton of pitches up and over the plate and was lucky to only give up one extra base hit. I guess he deserves some credit for keeping the Phillies to just two runs, but I’m not so sure that it wasn’t more a case of good luck. A.J. Burnett took a while to fall apart, but at least he finally got around to it. I was starting to get a bit nervous there.

Bullpen Battle

Joe Smith had another small hiccup, but didn’t let the game get away from him and Huston Street slammed the door. The Phillies bullpen salvaged some pride after melting down the night before.

Game Flow

Hey, look! Another big sixth inning to save the Angels’ bacon. This one was less of a cathartic explosion and more the Angels BABIPing the Phillies into submission. Whatever, you have to take what you can get.

Halo Hero

Bloops are better than GIDPs!

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