Boxscore Breakdown #120: Kole to the rescue – Angels 5, Rangers 4

Got a problem with a flagging offense? Don’t worry! Kole Calhoun is here to save the day. He can do no wrong!

Three run-homer? He can do that!

Double to set-up a sac fly? He can do that!

Fake getting hit by a pitch? He can do that!

Ground into a double play but still drive in a run? He can do that!

Run Expectancy Rundown

Like I just said, Kole Calhoun did a bit of everything. Chris Iannetta had himself a nice night as well. David Freese had another solid performance as he continues to salvage his season. Josh Hamilton, however, gave the residents of the great baseball town that is Arlington a small consolation by getting to see him whiff four times.

The Angels literally couldn’t get Adrian Beltre out, but other than that, the Texas lineup was held in check. Even when Scioscia inexplicably intentionally walked the go-ahead run to first base, they couldn’t cash it in.

Starting Pitcher Scores

A strong outing by Garrett Richards, though Kevin Jepsen did his best to ruin it. Nick Martinez got out of the gate decently as well before Calhoun finally got to him.

Bullpen Battle

Kevin Jepsen has been great this year… when he starts an inning clean. He inherited a tough spot in this game and made a real mess of it, forcing Scioscia to bring in Joe Smith to bail him out. On the other side, Ron Washington went match-up crazy with his relievers which proved to be both successful and irritating.

Game Flow

The Angels quickly dug themselves out from that 1-0 whole and really took control after Calhoun’s three-run blast. The win probability dipped down to 72% during the worst of Jepsen’s misadventure, but fortunately it never got any worse than that.

Halo Hero

Kole Calhoun can do it all!

Garrett Wilson

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