Boxscore Breakdown #122: Detour – Rangers 3, Angels 2

Welp, Huston Street was bound to blow a save sooner or later. He had been nearly infallible since the trade, but in this one, the Street… was closed. Scioscia probably should’ve gone with… a detour.

This is probably a good time to mention that this post is being written while I watch CSI: Miami re-runs.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Kole Calhoun finally has a down game and look what happens. At least Collin Cowgill finally reminded us what it was like to have a left fielder who wasn’t totally useless at the plate.

Somehow DFA All-Stars Mike Carp and Adam Rosales were the big offensive winners for Texas. That’s what the Angels get for not trading for an outfielder with a fish-related surname when they had the chance.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Hector Santiago finally had an efficient outing, but got yanked after 87 pitches anyway. I can’t blame Scioscia as he probably didn’t want Hector having to mess with Adrian Beltre more than he had to. Still, it would’ve been nice to buy the overworked bullpen another inning of rest or two. The bigger issue is that the Angels couldn’t get to Nick Tepesch, though they certainly had their opportunities.

Bullpen Battle

The bullpen did a nice job in this one, right up until Street flamed out. It is hard to get too upset though. These are the things that happen when a guy works four days out of five.

Game Flow

Dang. It was all going so well.

Halo A-Hole

Huston had a problem.

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