Boxscore Breakdown #124: Staying “hot” – Angels 4, Red Sox 3

The Angels win again and stay “hot.” Hooray! Hooray? Hooray, right?

How a team wins shouldn’t matter so much as the fact that they do win, but this Angels team is not winning pretty right now. In their last seven wins, they’ve only won by more than two runs once and been out-hit three times. There is a lot of luck involved here. That portends poorly for after this series when they actually play a quality team, unless that quality team is also playing poorly, which they are.

What I am getting at is that we shouldn’t be lulled into a false sense of confidence that the Angels are winning a lot this last week. They can play better and need to play better soon if they really want to maintain their status as the best team in baseball.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Chris Iannetta had a big game, Albert Pujols continues to hit well and Mike Trout is clearly emerging from his slump. The big story though was that Josh Hamilton returned and didn’t look terrible. He didn’t get on base, but he didn’t strike out either. More importantly, he hit the ball well a few times, so maybe there is a chance he’ll at least usable going forward. The even bigger news is that BRENNAN BOESCH DID SOMETHING!

David Ortiz had the big game for Boston, in part because Scioscia insists on treating him like he is 2002 Barry Bonds. Ortiz is good and all, but let’s not go crazy pitching around a guy with an .861 OPS.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Once again, Jered Weaver just wasn’t that good. Fenway has never been kind to him, but seeing him walk four and fan one is pretty depressing. Allen Webster gave a yeoman’s effort for the Sox.

Bullpen Battle

After a few days of allowing runs, the Halo bullpen threw up some goose eggs. Their only damage allowed was the inherited runner that scored on a sac fly, which is hardly anything to criticize them for.

Game Flow

Look at that drama, the Angels were in control, then they gave it away. Oh no! Mercifully, they gained control back only to see it nearly slip through their fingers in the ninth before finally pulling it out.

Halo Hero

Calhoun only got one hit in this game, but he also saved three runs with his fantastic leaping catch.

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