Boxscore Breakdown #126: Long time coming – Angels 2, Red Sox 0

It may not have had a high degree of difficulty given the roster the Red Sox have right now, but for the first time since 1962, the Angels completed a four-game sweep of the Red Sox in Boston. I think that’s impressive, primarily because I assume something that happens once every 50+ years is always impressive.

In truth, it probably isn’t quite as impressive as I first thought. The Angels have only had 21 opportunities to even play a four-game series in Boston. That’s not a lot, in the grand scheme of things. Then again, no matter how good or bad a team is, it isn’t easy to sweep a team in a four-game in their home stadium. So don’t think I am denigrating the accomplishment either.

Hell, this is great if only because of all the heartbreak the Red Sox have caused the Angels franchise over the last few decades. Then again, there was heartbreak embedded in this series since it cost the Halos Garrett Richards in the process. Personally, I’d rather have given up the sweep and kept the Richards.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Hey, look! Erick Aybar is alive. That’s great news. Josh Hamilton coming up with another nice offensive game is good news, too. The only news that would be better would be if Gary DiSarcina could learn not to run on Yoenis Cespedes.

The Red Sox were completely shutdown by Matt Shoemaker with the exception of Will Middlebrooks, who is a butthole, according to Mrs. Matt Shoemaker.

Starting Pitcher Scores

OK, maybe he was facing a lineup that was a tick above being a Triple-A lineup, but it was still an impressive outing for Shoemaker. I don’t think I’ve been more upset to see an Angel lose a no-hitter. You just can’t help but root for Shoe. Rubby De La Rosa wasn’t bad in his own right, but he was severely outdueled in this one.

Bullpen Battle

Jason Grilli is now the fifth Angels pitcher to record a save this year. That seems like a lot. The Boston bullpen kind of stunk, but somehow they managed to not allow a run.

Game Flow

What this graph shows is how the Red Sox never even put a dent in the Angels’ win probability. What this graph doesn’t show is the five-minute gap that I was unable to listen to the game as I exited my office building only to check my phone when I got outside, saw Albert Pujols was taken out of the game and had a mild stroke thinking that he had gone down to injury, too. Imagine my relief when I learned he had just been running his mouth at the umpire’s horrible strike call.

Halo Hero

A great performance and a much-needed reprieve for a beleaguered bullpen.

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