Boxscore Breakdown #131: Chum – Angels 8, Marlins 2

The Angels got speared by the Marlins in the series opener, but in this game they turned the Fish into Chum with another explosive offensive performance. While the previous game was unwatchable, this game had me hooked.

With the win, the Angels keep their head above water in the AL West race as the A’s continue to try and reel them in. Things aren’t easy for the Angels right now, but so long as they just keep swimming, they’ll be just fin.

Thanks for taking the bait and reading the fish tale.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Everybody had themselves a night. Everyone except Josh Hamilton, but I guess that’s OK since he had been pretty good the last week. A lot can be forgiven when Hank Conger actually has a productive night with the bat. Maybe seeing Jeff Mathis rotting in the opposing dugout scared Hank straight offensively.

The Marlins offense consisted almost entirely of Jarrod Saltalamacchia drawing walks and something called an Ed Lucas doing whatever it is he did in his pinch-hit appearance late in the game. The big story though was that Shoemaker and Grilli combined to fan Giancarlo Stanton three times.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Matt Shoemaker was just fantastic again. This is getting super weird. I love the guy, but I just can’t believe that he is this freaking good. The bubble has to burst sooner or later, but let’s hope that “later” means after the World Series. Nathan Eovaldi got hammered and basically gave us all a glimpse of what Garrett Richards would’ve been like had he not taken the evolutionary step forward this season.

Bullpen Battle

Yoslan Herrera nearly made a mess of things, partly due to a bad call by the home plate umpire and partly due to Herrera just being very hittable. Sam Dyson was nice enough to bring a gas can to the mound with him in his effort to bail out Eovaldi.

Game Flow

That one big inning blew the Fish right out of the water.

Halo Hero

Shoemaker was great, but this game was about the breakout of the offense and Mike Trout led the charge.

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