Boxscore Breakdown #65: Lessons learned – Athletics 7, Angels 1

When are they going to learn? The Angels may have won two of three against the A’s, but they morphed into the Los Angeles Angels of TOOTBLANaheim in this series.

Seriously, how hard is it to realize that you don’t run on Yoenis Cespedes?! You especially don’t run on Cespedes when your name is Albert Pujols and you run like you are wearing swimming flippers on your feet. It wasn’t even just Albert, though he has clearly been the biggest offender. Collin Cowgill got doubled off on a liner in this game. And there was whatever the hell Kole Calhoun was doing last game.

Aggressive baserunning is obviously a big reason the Angels have succeeded this year, but every so often they need to make sure they haven’t crossed the line from aggressive to stupid.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Collin Cowgill led the day in his continued effort to make sure that Scioscia keeps platooning him. Josh Hamilton probably should’ve been the leader, but he got robbed of a homer by Coco Crisp. That was only fair though since Trout robbed Cespedes earlier. The real issue though was just no Angels batters came though with RISP even though everyone but John McDonald either got a hit or drew a walk.

Not only do the Angels need to stop running on Cespedes, but they probably need to stop pitching to him as well. He was an offensive force yet again, despite getting robbed of a homer. Coco Crisp was also a problem as he has been most of this series. The real killer though was that Stephen Vogt had a big game, which should never happen.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Much like last time, Weaver’s supposed magic against the A’s was non-existent. Much like last time, Tommy Milone was very hittable but somehow managed to not be hittable when runners were in scoring position.

Bullpen Battle

The Angels bullpen tried to keep it close, but Cory Rasmus happened. The Athletics bullpen tried to give the Angels back some runs, but the Red LOBsters happened.

Game Flow

That sixth inning really did the Angels in. Even when they had hits in the later innings, they weren’t enough to move the needle much.

Halo A-Hole

Hey, Jered, maybe try not to give up homers to Stephen Vogt next time.

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