Boxscore Breakdown #67: Third time’s a charm – Angels 11, Braves 6

How many leads does it take to actually beat the Braves? Three. The answer is three.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Mike Trout had a monster of an offensive game and Albert Pujols once again quieted folks urging that he be moved down in the order. Erick Aybar and Kole Calhoun didn’t have the gaudy numbers but both made timely contributions with the bat and glove. Ironically, the only pinch-hitter to make an impact for the Angels was C.J. Wilson.

Justin Upton had a terrible night, but his brother didn’t. It usually works the other way around. Even Gattis once again was a big problem as well. Overall, the Braves spread the offensive wealth, which is what happens when you score most of your runs in one inning.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Garrett Richards was terrific, but inefficient, which ultimately led to the Angels leaning too heavily on the bullpen. Gavin Floyd Barved.

Bullpen Battle

Both bullpens were just terrible. Ernesto Frieri was obviously the worst with his lack of velocity and crisp stuff. It was almost like he was still fatigued from having pitched four days in a row or something. Weird. Cam Bedrosian got BABIP’d a little bit, but it is becoming clear that he may not be ready for the bigs just yet. Mike Morin deserves some love for preserving the tie in the ninth, but I’m sure it will go unnoticed. Fortunately, the Angels were able to get to Craig Kimbrel before the offense got fed up with the blown saves and pounded David Hale into submission.

Game Flow

This chart is stupid, dumb and absurd. Seriously, how the hell am I supposed to quickly recap that? How about the Angels should’ve won easily, then they should’ve lost, then should’ve won again then should’ve lost again before they finally won.

Halo Hero

Honestly, this is the toughest call of the season. Trout had a great game, but Aybar sparked the rally in the 13th, had four hits and several excellent defensive plays. On the other hand, Calhoun saved the game in the tenth and put the Angels ahead for good in the 13th. I’ve got to give him the nod.

Garrett Wilson

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