Boxscore Breakdown #73: Thank you for not bunting – Angels 3, Rangers 2

A truly heroic effort by Howie Kendrick to rip a game-winning double. He truly overcame adversity as most heroes do. What adversity was that? His idiot manager asking him to lay down a sac bunt. Kendrick, mercifully, failed in that effort and got to swing away. Instead of a #buntfucking themselves out of a potential victory, they actually went and won it. Who knew?

Run Expectancy Rundown

C.J. Cron had what should’ve been the game-winning homer, which would have been a perfect vindication of the decision to dump Raul Ibanez, but it didn’t hold up. Hank Conger had himself a solid game, but it was Howie Kendrick getting the big hit. I will add though that I am impressed that Josh Hamilton was able to get a hit off Neal Cotts.

What the Angels weren’t impressed with was Chad Fairchild’s strike zone as two guys got the boot for arguing with him. Shin-Soo Choo was really the only positive contributor while Robinson Chirinos was a vortex of suck trying to bring the rest of the lineup down around him.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Both Jered Weaver and Nick Martinez were great in this game. Seeing Weaver pitch so well makes me feel a lot better, not all the way better, but a lot better. This is still a watered down version of the Texas lineup, after all.

Bullpen Battle

A double negative bullpen day thanks to Mike Scioscia forgetting that Kevin Jepsen should not be permitted to face tough lefties under any circumstances.

Game Flow

A game so nice the Angels pretty much won it twice!

Halo Hero

Kendrick was a hero in other ways to. Had he not won the game, Ernesto Frieri would’ve come into the game. Also, we would’ve been subjected to even more innings of Eric Karros and is moronic commentary.

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