Boxscore Breakdown #75: That didn’t have to be so hard – Angels 8, Twins 6

That really didn’t have to be so hard. This should’ve been a leisurely stroll to a win, but C.J. Wilson‘s big-inning tendencies came back to haunt him. Usually the bullpen takes that task on, but, mercifully, they didn’t this time.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Mike Trout is just showing off now. A homer, a steal and two walks. The only way his day could’ve been better is if he robbed a home run, which he came literally inches from doing. Josh Hamilton didn’t rate so highly in this game, but he should be commended for actually getting a hit with the bases loaded, which is a problem for the Angels for reasons that nobody can figure out.

Did I not warn you about Kendrys Morales and Josh Willingham? I did. I did warn you. I didn’t warn you about Brian Dozier though and he had himself a pretty good game. Fortunately for C.J. Wilson, the bottom of Minnesota’s order is a giant black hole.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Kyle Gibson was really, truly terrible. C.J. Wilson was really, truly terrible for one inning, but it was still a pretty gross affair for both parties. This is one of those games where the official scorer should use his judgement and give the win to someone other than Wilson.

Bullpen Battle

The Bullpen of Perpetual Sorrow rated well here, but don’t let that fool you. Kevin Jepsen tried so hard to blow that lead but was bailed out by a timely double play. Ernesto Frieri was allowed to pitch in a one-run game and tried to give up a homer, but the Eduardo Escobar hit the ball to the one spot in the park where that ball wouldn’t leave the yard. From the Twins side of things, Sam Deduno should get a lot of credit for keeping the Twinkies in the game.

Game Flow

This game flow chart is maddening. The Angels took a huge early lead and then on more than one occasion came dangerously close to seeing it all slip away.

Halo Hero

Yep, he’s pretty good.

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