Boxscore Breakdown #80: Meet the new closer, same as the old closer – Royals 5, Angels 4

Jason Grilli was supposed to have to earn a prominent bullpen role, apparently that took one appearance. Scioscia decided to let him pitch the ninth inning of a close game and paid the price. He just can’t resist those “proven closers.” To be fair, it wasn’t all Grilli’s fault. Granted, he did plunk Alex Gordon and allow the hit to Infante, but he should’ve gotten out of it with a double play only he didn’t because Howie Kendrick took his eye off the ball. Still, Scioscia treated Grilli like he would come in and slam the door, but he just isn’t that pitcher right now. Hopefully that will teach him the lesson.

Run Expectancy Rundown

The Angels got solid production from half their lineup, which is usually good enough to win the day. The problem is that Albert Pujols appeared to be working against them. A GIDP, a flyout with the bases loaded and then his gross swollen lymph node acting up at the exact wrong time on a would-be double. This Albert Pujols experience just isn’t any fun.

The offense was pretty much all Lorenzo Cain and Omar Infante, but that proved to be enough for the Royals. Well, that and C.J. Wilson failing to #ThrowStrikes.

Starting Pitcher Scores

C.J. Wilson really just needs June to end because this has not been a good month for him. His issues still seem to be of the “one big inning” variety, but that has been happening a lot lately. Jeremy Guthrie wasn’t all that great, but the Angels weren’t really able to take advantage.

Bullpen Battle

As per usual, the KC bullpen was untouchable. As per usual, the Angels bullpen was not. Rasmus was a big help in eating innings, but it all boils down to Scioscia opting to go with Grilli before Joe Smith and Grilli not getting any help from his defense.

Game Flow

The Angels really blew this one. With Calhoun homering on the second pitch of the game, they had a very early advantage and ran that up over 80% rather quickly. Then C.J. Wilson forgot how to throw strikes and gave it all away. The Halos certainly had their chances to wrest back control, but could never cash in.

Halo A-Hole

All you had to do was catch the damn ball.

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