Boxscore Breakdown #81: Poor scheduling – Angels 8, White Sox 4

I know that this wasn’t a planned doubleheader, but they still botched up the scheduling for it big time. First off, they set the first game to start pretty late. They were assuring that the second game would start at a pretty late time for the locals in Chicago and also allowing themselves barely any time in between games. More importantly, they scheduled it right up against the USA-Beligum World Cup game. Seriously, people, I can only stream so many sporting events on my work computer before the IT people get mad at me. Get it together, schedulers.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Chris Iannetta didn’t homer, but ended up leading the Angels in RE24 anyway. That seems accurate, but not nearly as fun. Trout’s homer was fun. Stop killing fun, Iannetta. Also, stop striking out, Trout, that definitely isn’t fun. What really wasn’t fun was Albert Pujols GIDPing with the bases loaded, but hitting a solo homer the next time up. Let’s work on flipping that order next time… although I don’t know how he is going to GIDP with no one on, but that’s his problem, not mine.

The White Sox offense was pretty much all Jose Abreu‘s homer and then all those guys that Rich Hill walked.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Garrett Richards allowed just two hits, one of them went a very long way. Other than that, he was excellent. Hector Noesi did a good job of limiting contact, mostly by not throwing strikes.

Bullpen Battle

The bullpens in this game were just awful to watch. Rich Hill couldn’t find the plate to the point that Joe Smith had to be called in. Hector Noesi got an early hook, forcing us to look at Ronald Belisario‘s face for two whole innings. I’m still trying to recover.

Game Flow

The Angels were in a pretty deep hole early but then Mike Trout did what the US Men’s Soccer team couldn’t, tie the game (too soon?). After that the Angels just piled on.

Halo Hero

Garrett gets this if only because he saved the bullpen by going eight strong innings. Granted, Rich Hill spoiled that a bit, but that’s not Garrett’s fault.

Garrett Wilson

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