Boxscore Breakdown #83: All wet – White Sox 3, Angels 2

The White Sox finally discovered the secret to beating the Angels: get them wet. Apparently that saps them of all their might. Their offense gets soggy and useless. Their bullpen gets waterlogged and ineffective. Oh, right, the bullpen is like that all the time. I guess it just affects the offense again.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Wait, Josh Hamilton homered off a southpaw and David Freese homered off an actual living person and they still lost? That’s messed up, man. Unfortunately, Mike Trout and Albert Pujols both really let the offense down and those contributions were for naught.

Dayan Viciedo did his best to help the Angels out but the White Sox middle infielders were their undoing with Beckham, Ramirez and Garcia all coming up big.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Tyler Skaggs came back looking strong, though he did get a helping hand from Josh Hamilton’s glove hand. Even after the layoff he looked sharp and efficient. John Danks looked excellent for the ChiSox, though I wonder in both cases how much the rain was in their favor.

Bullpen Battle

This battle was Mike Morin against Zach Putnam. Putnam won handily. Honestly, I’m surprised that Scioscia let Morin come out again for the ninth after he struggled a bit in the eighth, even though he did escape the jam. I have the feeling Scioscia wouldn’t have tried it if the bullpen hadn’t been coming off working a doubleheader the day before. Sigh.

Game Flow

The Angels never really had much of a shot at breaking through here. Disappointing thought the loss may be, they only really had two scoring threats. One they just didn’t cash in, the other they botched with a failed sac bunt attempt. That was about it. You can’t win ’em all.

Halo A-Hole

Et tu, Mike Morin?

Garrett Wilson

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