Boxscore Breakdown #84: Back on track – Angels 5, Astros 2

Home cooking is so nice. The Angels return to the Big A and resume winning. Matt Shoemaker resumes pitching decently. David Freese resumes remembering what to do with that weirdly-shapen piece of wood in his hands. Josh Hamilton resumes being unable to hit lefties.

OK, so they aren’t all good things, but at least the Angels won.

Run Expectancy Rundown

David Freese is suddenly an offensive juggernaut. That’s good because Albert Pujols just continues to fall off that cliff. Seriously, Albert, I want to defend you, but you aren’t making it easy.

Whaddya know, Jose Altuve was a problem for the Angels… again. Fortunately, it was just him and Jason Castro. Everyone else had a tough time against Shoemaker, especially Matt Dominguez

Starting Pitcher Scores

Matt Shoemaker continues to rack up the whiffs, which is kind of weird since he never missed that many bats at any level of the minors. Oberholtzer had a bad game score, but he really was better than his numbers indicate. It’s nice for a chance for the Halos to benefit from a pitcher having “one bad inning.”

Bullpen Battle

Not an ounce of drama from the Angels bullpen, also a nice change. Jason Grilli actually looked competent as well, so that’s a bonus.

Game Flow

The Halos had a small edge early on but gave it away to Houston only to steal it back and then some shortly thereafter. This was a game that looked early on as if it might be a real high-scoring, back-and-forth affair, but it ended up actually being kind of boring.

Halo Hero

This is Freese’s second Halo Hero in a week. If he’s not careful, we might actually start expecting him to produce regularly.

Garrett Wilson

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