Boxscore Breakdown #85: Fireworks – Angels 7, Astros 6

The Angels used to do Big Bang Friday, a fireworks show after every Friday home game (it is now the Saturday Night Spectacular). I used to kind of hate that gimmick because it meant there would be fireworks even if the Halos lost. That isn’t something worth celebrating. You know what is? This:

Oh, sure, it was Independence Day as well, but I like to think that we are always celebrating Mike Trout. For this feat, I think he clearly overshadows America because America couldn’t have hit that ball out. Vlad Guerrero can’t believe Trout hit a ball that low out of the park. So, yeah, that alone should’ve been worth the fireworks.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Trout’s walk-off aside, it was actually Albert Pujols having the big night (as DH, coincidence?). Howie Kendrick didn’t hit the ball as far as Albert, but he also was never put out. Erick Aybar and C.J. Cron both brought up the rear thanks to their GIDPs. Collin Cowgill didn’t do much in what is quickly looking like should be an obsolete platoon.

George Springer, Jon Singleton and Chris Carter did all their damage via the longball. Enrique Hernandez had the audacity to actually keep the ball in the park whilst generating his offense. How rude of him. On the bright side, Jose Altuve finally had a bad night.

Starting Pitcher Scores

C.J. Wilson continues to look as if he is a bit broken. He only had one walk and fanned six, but the homers were a very obvious problem. Dallas Keuchel‘s ascension to genuine front-end starter status has been put on hold.

Bullpen Battle

Cory Rasmus very quietly had another strong, long outing while Mike Morin bounced back from his blown game the other night. Houston’s pen, however, really struggled and Bo Porter appeared to struggle to manage it. Someone want to explain to me why Tony Sipp was allowed to face Mike Trout?

Game Flow

A genuine rollercoaster game though this one finished with the Angels going way, way up rather than the big, huge cliff dive down.

Halo Hero

That’s now two walk-off dingers for Trout this season. Remember when some people thought he wasn’t clutch? Silly rabbits.

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