Boxscore Breakdown #86: Come back soon – Angels 11, Astros 5

Not content with their excellent comeback win the night before, the Halos came back again in this one, only with a lot more style.

This marks their 25th come-from-behind victory on the year, leading the majors. The problem is I can’t tell if that is a good sign in that they are capable of coming from behind with such ease or a bad sign in that they keep falling behind so often.

Run Expectancy Rundown

You know you are living right when Mike Trout takes the collar and you still score 11 runs. Albert Pujols had a monster game, including his clutch-and-totally-deserving-of-hitting-third-in-the-order homer. Even the two outs he made were “loud outs,” as Gubi insisted on reminding us. Plus, David Freese went deep, which is kind of nuts.

For awhile there, it looked like Chris Carter might’ve grand slammed Hector Santiago all the way back to Triple-A. That ended up being all the real damage that Houston would do though.

Starting Pitcher Scores

It was far from Santiago’s best effort, but it wasn’t his worst either as he did get himself out of the inning after the slam and out of a jam the very next inning as well. Neither of those things would’ve happened early in the year. Scott Feldman put in a solid effort, but not a lengthy one, which was fortunate for the Halos.

Bullpen Battle

Michael Roth pitched two perfect innings in relief and got a win and a ticket back to Arkansas as a reward. The Astros bullpen is an insult to dumpster fires.

Game Flow

This is my favorite chart of the year. It is just hilarious. The Angels were essentially dead in the water and shot up to a guaranteed win almost instantly. There is no beating this. Contest closed.

Halo Hero

It is OK that he’s batting third now, right? I thought so.

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