Boxscore Breakdown #88: Expand this! – Angels 5, Blue Jays 2

Guess who is now the only expansion team to reach the .500 mark? The Angels! Suck it, all you other expansion teams!!! Sure, some of the rest of you have more championships and pennants, but you have losing records. LOSERS ALL OF YOU! The Angels are winners! Well, almost. They aren’t quite winners yet, but they aren’t losers either. So, hooray for being exactly middle of the road!!!

Run Expectancy Rundown

Albert Pujols continued to roll, though his two hits weren’t exactly screaming line drives. Howie Kendrick and Chris Iannetta both put together three hit games to lead the offensive charge. Kole Calhoun acquitted himself nicely with a double in his rare start against a southpaw. Let’s hope it bought him more starts.

Jose Bautista was the big scary bat for Toronto, but the Angel pitchers tamed him. It was only Fat Juan Francisco and Melky Cabrera mounting any real offensive attack for the struggling Jays.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Jered Weaver was cruising along just fine until his back gave out, you know, because he’s old. J.A. Happ was actually going well for awhile before his inability to pitch well caught up with him.

Bullpen Battle

This was a great outing for the Angels bullpen. Matt Shoemaker did a solid job stepping in unexpectedly for a long relief outing. Better than that, Mike Scioscia showed that he still remembers how to capably mix-and-match now that he has a real life lefty on the team. This is how it should be all the time. Toronto’s bullpen wasn’t bad either, but who cares about them?

Game Flow

As has been the Halos’ habit of late, they kept it close early before exploding in one inning to take a command of the game and didn’t let it go. Only this time they didn’t even have that little moment in the late innings where it almost slipped out of control.

Halo Hero

It wasn’t his finest outing, but I always appreciate it when a starter steps in to make an unexpected long relief appearance and manages not to screw it up.

Garrett Wilson

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