Boxscore Breakdown #91: AHAHAHAHAHA! – Angels 15, Rangers 6

Here is the kind of game this was. When I got on board the ferry I take home everyday, I checked the Angels score and saw it was 1-0. The wifi on the ferry crapped out on me, so I wasn’t able to check until the ferry docked on the other side 40 minutes later. By then, it was 13-2.

AHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHA! The Rangers are the worst.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Hey, David Freese and Howie Kendrick. What’s your problem? Everyone’s getting hits and you can’t get one? Heck, even Hank Conger had two and he hasn’t been able to hit a beach ball for the last month. Kole Calhoun had the hugest of the huge games, but Josh Hamilton was right behind him and seeing him have a big game in Arlington is the cherry on top of this delicious sundae of domination.

I knew the Rangers rotation had been ravaged by injury, but I didn’t realize that it was just as bad in the lineup. That murderer’s row of Jake Smolinski, Carlos Pena and Robinson Chirinos is really something, though Smolinski actually did have a pretty big day.

Starting Pitcher Scores

All it took to get Hector Santiago his first win of the season was 15 runs of support and Colby Lewis having one of the worst starts in baseball history. Seriously, I didn’t even realize that Game Scores could go into the negative numbers. As it turns out, it was the 15th worst Game Score ever recorded. Congratulations, Colby!

Bullpen Battle

The scale of this graph is tiny, so it looks like the Angels relievers actually did anything important, but they didn’t. Cory Rasmus was perfect for two innings and Drew Rucinski made a bumpy MLB debut, but I always give a lot of leeway for guys in that situation. The Ranger relievers had their issues, but the game was so far out of hand that it didn’t impact the WPA.

Game Flow

What amazes me about this graph is that there was that one little tiny blip where it cam back down to 99% win expectancy. I guess it was early enough in the game, but you’d think an 11-run lead is pretty safe no matter the inning.

Halo Hero

This probably should go to Calhoun, but I like the idea of giving it to Hamilton just add one more grain of salt to the Rangers’ wound.

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