Boxscore Breakdown #94: Break time – Angels 10, Rangers 7

Time for the All-Star break, just in time to force the red-hot Angels to cool their heels for a few days. Momentum is for suckers, right?

Run Expectancy Rundown

Oh, so many doubles. Doubles as far as the eye can see! OK, so six doubles, but that’s still a lot. Mike Trout was the only Angel to double up on doubles as he easily led the offensive attack. Every Angel, save late-inning replacement John McDonald, had a hit, although that didn’t stop Kole Calhoun from having a negative day.

The Rangers bats actually decided to show up for this one. Or maybe it was just Alex Rios deciding to showcase himself a little bit for the trade deadline

Starting Pitcher Scores

Not exactly an inspiring start for Tyler Skaggs. Perhaps he was affected by the heat or the rumors of his name being involved in the David Price trade talks, allegedly. Also, remember when some of us were upset that the Angels didn’t sign Scott Baker to an incentive-laden deal this last offseason? Yeah, about that…

Bullpen Battle

Jason Grilli had a little bit of trouble, but nothing too bad. That’s something the Angels can live with in middle relief, but he still isn’t doing anything to force his way into the closer conversation. The Angels scored at least one run off every single Texas reliever, of which there were four. They just bled that bullpen to death, which was good because it turns out the cushion they built was needed.

Game Flow

It looked like the Angels were going to run away with this one again, but Skaggs barfed all over the third inning to make things interesting. They quickly responded to that and built back their lead more deliberately with a few minor scares from Texas.

Halo Hero

Just another routine big game for the future AL MVP.

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