Boxscore Breakdown #95: Distracted – Angels 3, Mariners 2

Oh, right! There was a game last night, I almost forgot. I spend the first three hours of it being completely distracted by the slowest unveiling of a trade package ever and wringing my hands over every prospect the Halos added to it. Yep, Huston Street was the story of the night. Fortunately, the Angels and Mariners saw fit to give us some extra baseball so that we could still get our fill after all the Street trade fanfare died down. Thanks, fellas!

Run Expectancy Rundown

When a game has five total runs and goes 16 innings, you bet your ass there are going to be a lot of players with negative run expectancies. Unfortunately, three of the four top hitters in the order were the most negative, which really explains a lot. The hero, of course, was Efren Navarro because, why not.

Kyle Seager can haz all the negative RE24? Yeesh, you thought the Angels chart looked bad. Nobody for Seattle crested the 0.4 mark and that was Endy freaking Chavez of all people.

Starting Pitcher Scores

A very nice outing from both starters, though I am a little uncomfortable with how accustomed I am getting to Jered Weaver only managing to go six full innings.

Bullpen Battle

On a night in which the Angels paid through the nose to add relief help, their bullpen pitched ten shutout innings, though Mike Morin did allow an inherited runner to score. Still, the irony is delicious. Seattle’s relievers were actually better as they allowed fewer baserunners and racked up the whiffs, but ultimately Leone let them down.

Game Flow

This chart is absurd. It is 16 innings of asburdity.

Halo Hero

You hit a walk-off, you get the Halo Hero.

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