Boxscore Breakdown #96: Reverse course – Mariners 3, Angels 2

The Angels and Mariners must be trying to make up for all that lost time over the break, playing the equivalent of three-plus games in the course of two nights. Anaheim was nice enough to let Seattle win 3-2 in extras this time though.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Someone really needs to tell the Angel bats that the break is over. They still seem to be on vacation. Howie Kendrick was basically the only significant offensive contributor. Chris Iannetta simply had a dreadful night and somehow Efren Navarro and Kole Calhoun managed to out-do him.

Is it just me or do Justin Smoak and Endy Chavez only ever perform well against the Angels. Against the rest of the league, they shouldn’t even be on the field, yet the Halos somehow manage to get hurt by one or both of them every single time.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Garrett Richards and Felix Hernandez had a brilliant pitchers’ duel that simply went to waste. Actually, I am a bit surprised that Scioscia didn’t have Richards come out for the ninth, but I think he was just too eager to use his new toy, Huston Street.

Bullpen Battle

Not a great game for the Angels bullpen. Kevin Jepsen was the only reliever to work a clean inning. The real issue though was that Joe Thatcher continues to look not at all impressive while Mike Morin continues his recent slump of being pretty hittable. Coughing up that insurance run was really costly as Dominic Leone tried his best to give this game to the Angels for the second night in a row.

Game Flow

Even with as good as Felix was, the Halos had a few opportunities to take the lead after they were gifted that run by one of the most bizarre defensive misplays I’ve seen all year.

Halo A-Hole

It didn’t take long for Thatcher to get on the board with his first blown game as an Angel.

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