Boxscore Breakdown Game #10: Shuck and Ow – Angels 5, Mets 4

Bad news, J.B Shuck did something good. Good news, as reader Rick K. pointed out, the Angels won’t be going 4-8 to start the season again! Better news, I got to use the punniest game recap title of the year.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Look at both catchers making big offensive contributions. Chris Iannetta did it with his bat. Hank Conger did it with his ribs. Hey, whatever works for you. As for J.B. Shuck, I am not prepared to live in a world where he not only hits game-tying homers, but pimps the homer in the process. I take solace in the fact that he horribly misplayed two balls in the outfield. Also, I don’t know how Raul Ibanez wasn’t a -17 on the night. Everyone gave Albert Pujols crap for not coming up in the clutch, but Ibanez standed a small village.

Murphy was a problem all night while Satin and D’Arnaud were the ones who punished Skaggs for his very few mistakes.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Skaggs got a raw deal here. He was much better than his line indicates as he was the victim of several bloops and bleeders getting though. He did make a few bad pitches, but he was very encouraging in that he didn’t get rattled and was very efficient on the mound. Ain’t got nothing to say about that Gee thang.

Bullpen Battle

It is hard to believe, but the Angels bullpen was brilliant in this one, allowing just one baserunner in eleven innings of work. Nobody ever looked to be in much trouble. With De La Rosa back, this unit might not be so terrible… maybe. A special shoutout to Terry Collins for letting Familia pitch past the point of exhaustion while leaving his closer (even if it was Jose Valverde) in the bullpen, never to be used.

Game Flow

Things were pretty dire there in the middle innings before he who shall not be named yanked one down the line. The Halos made a few threats to retake the lead, but never got over the hump until Conger got dotted.

Halo Hero

Conger literally took one for the team. Attaboy, Hank.

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