Boxscore Breakdown Game #11: No More Drama, Please – Mets 7, Angels 6

So much drama in this game coming on the heels of the extra innings affair the night before. I need a break.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Raul Ibanez obviously had the biggest hit of the night and Collin Cowgill went out of his way to make sure I looked bad for deriding his choice as the right-handed half of the lead-off platoon. Howie Kendrick just plain stunk.

The Angels got wrecked by Anthony Recker, but at least they were right about how they handled David Wright.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Jered Weaver was actually worse than his line would indicate. He had absolutely no command, throwing 49 of his 99 pitches for balls, which is very un-Weaver-like. He managed to avoid giving up many hits, but still found a way to make sure one of those hits left the yard.

Bullpen Battle

The bullpen reverted back to their bad old ways, in part because Mike Scioscia still hasn’t figured out that Fernando Salas is not the guy to call in to bail people out. Things were made worse when Dane De La Rosa came and was only throwing in the high-80’s. They got him out of there as quick as they could, but that left Kevin Jepsen to pitch with runners in scoring position, which never works out well. In came some insurance runs that proved to be quite costly. If not for Jose Valverde, this game would’ve been over much sooner.

Game Flow

This is a crazy one to look at. The Halos had it all but sewn up in the seventh only to fall off a cliff and scrape the rocky surface at the bottom before Raul Ibanez saved them from a win expectancy that rounded down to 0%. They see-sawed with the Mets throughout extras before Recker got to Matt Shoemaker.

Halo A-Hole

You had one job, Fernando.

Garrett Wilson

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