Boxscore Breakdown Game #14: The answer to life, universe and everything – Athletics 10, Angels 9

Everyone wore 42 last night; it was fun but also confusing, like usual. What wasn’t fun was the actual game because the Angels bullpen is just the worst.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Lots of good offense from the Angels tonight even though so many guys are still struggling. It is actually encouraging that they can score so much despite the likes of David Freese and Raul Ibanez. Or it would be encouraging had Kole Calhoun not broken himself at the end of this game.

Ironically, the Halos held John Jaso in check this time out. It was the rest of the A’s that they forgot to shutdown, especially Kitten Face Gentry and Jed Lowrie.

Starting Pitcher Scores

The Angels beat up Straily to give Oakland the first blemish on the record of their rotation in 2014. Unfortunately, they were able to overcome it since Garrett Richards was excellent for five innings and lousy for two.

Bullpen Battle

This is new, both bullpens being bad. Of course, the Angels were more bad, as per usual. Yoslan Herrera got saddled with the loss, but it was really Joe Smith who took a big explosive diarrhea dump on the mound.

Game Flow

Just brutal. They were up, then down, then back up to the point that they nearly had it wrapped up only to be nearly completely out of it before Mike Trout saved the day, temporarily. They made one last dying gasp in the 11th, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Halo A-Hole

Et tu, Joe Smith? Et tu?

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