Boxscore Breakdown Game #16: That how things are supposed to work – Angels 11, Tigers 6

Jered Weaver pitching well. The offense exploding for a ton of runs. The bullp-  Nevermind the bullpen. This game was exactly how the Angels want things to work this season. Let’s hope we get to see more of it, even with this skeleton crew of a lineup.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Hey look! Howie Kendrick woke up! It’s about damn time. Mike Trout did Mike Trout things. The biggest surprise of all is that Ian Stewart might actually be useful. In fact, he’s already been more useful than David Freese, who was a late scratch in this one. The offense was a thing of beauty so I won’t even bother ragging on the guys who didn’t contribute… like J.B. Shuck. Nope, I won’t mention him.

A bunch of old friends came back to haunt the Halos here. Expatriated troll Ian Kinsler, shunned star Torii Hunter and even castaway Andrew Romine. No bother, this one was still a walk for the Angels.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Jered Weaver was actually good. This is tremendous news. He wasn’t great, but he was a lot better than we’ve seen and against a good offense to boot. Drew Smyly was very frowny. That joke will never get too old or corny.

Bullpen Battle

For a minute there it looked like the Angels were going to find out that their relievers couldn’t even hold a ten run lead. Suffice it to say, Josh Wall did nothing to quell the rising tide of fans begging the front office to promote Cam Bedrosian, Mike Morin and R.J. Alvarez. Also, I’m not sold that Scioscia felt he “had” to use Ernesto Frieri here so much as he wanted to try and get Frieri a little confidence.

Game Flow

Yawn. This one was over and over quickly. Even the Josh Wall misadventure could barely put a dent in the win expectancy.

Halo Hero

This could’ve gone to several people, but Howie went deep twice and that is just too much to ignore.

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