Boxscore Breakdown Game #18: Little League – Tigers 2, Angels 1

Just look at this mess. This is a Little League play. This is the a “Dammit, Angels” play. How is a professional team capable of such nonsense? Why is Hector Santiago throwing submarine-style 60-feet away from the plate? What happened to the Angels being able to play defense? What happened to the Angels, in general?

Run Expectancy Rundown

This offense just doesn’t look like it is going to survive until Calhoun and Hamilton come off the DL. It has been a three-man show most of this week, but in this game, it was just Howie Kendrick. I mean, Ian Stewart is batting clean-up, for God’s sake.

Death by Andrew Romine. I just… I don’t even know anymore, man.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Once again, Hector Santiago was quite good except for all of the walks. Alas, Rick Porcello was better and that was good enough to win thanks to the Angels forgetting how to throw the ball around the field.

Bullpen Battle

Kevin Jepsen got banged pretty hard for letting his inherited runner score, but, again, it wouldn’t have been a problem if Hank Conger could throw the ball or if Mike Scioscia had gone with a reliever who wasn’t hot garbage.

Game Flow

It was the usual back-and-forth you’d expect to see in a 1-1 game, but even after they coughed up the lead, they had small threats in the eighth and ninth inning where they had a decent chance to salvage the game. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be because half of their lineup belongs in the Salt Lake Bees lineup.

Halo A-Hole

It isn’t a crappy first month of the season for the Angels until Hank Conger’s throwing problems single-handedly cost them a game.

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