Boxscore Breakdown Game #27: WE DID IT!!! – Angels 7, Indians 1

WE DID IT!!! The Angels actually completed a sweep AND got over .500 for the first time since Opening Day of 2013 AND finished the cursed month of April over .500! DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES? YES!!!!!!!

Run Expectancy Rundown

Hank Conger led the team for the day and gave us some of his patented swing follow-through goodness. More of that, please. David Freese had his best day, according to RE24, as an Angel, so that’s a nice bit of momentum to have going into May, where the symptoms of Anaheimnesia tend to wear off. Raul Ibanez had another terrible night and Sciosica probably needs to start looking for alternatives at clean-up and possibly DH. Speaking of which, does anyone have Grant Green‘s phone number?

David Murphy and Elliot Johnson were unlikely sources of offense for the Indians in this one, which tells you all you need to know about the “offensive attack” they mounted.

Starting Pitcher Scores

I expected C.J. Wilson to roll in this one since Cleveland has a lefty-heavy offense and was struggling in general, but he was better than I could’ve hoped. Poor Zach McAllister was conscripted into starting on short rest because apparently that was a better option that letting Carlos Carrasco get one more turn in the rotation. Not a great decision by Terry Francona, who had a really rough series.

Bullpen Battle

Mike Morin finally got into a game! Took you long enough, Sosh. I kid, it was good that Moosh got a chance to make his debut in a low pressure situation so that he could work through his nerves. Unfortunately, we never got to see Morin’s changeup, sigh.

Game Flow

It never really felt the Indians were in this game, but it took several innings for the Halos to take control. Still, with Wilson shutting down the Tribe bats, the worst the Win Expectancy got for the Angels was 41% after Murphy’s RBI single.

Halo Hero

Absolute dominance from start to finish and he was efficient with his pitches, too!

Garrett Wilson

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