Boxscore Breakdown Game #30: So much for the run differential – Rangers 14, Angels 3

Suddenly the Angels’ run differential isn’t so impressive anymore. Thanks a lot, Texas.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Mike Trout‘s dominance of Yu Darvish came to a screeching halt. Darvish wasn’t at the top of his game, as the Erick Aybar leadoff homer showed, but he did more than enough. C.J. Cron continue to impress with two more hits. Hey, look! A John McDonald sighting!!!

What’s your problem, Dan Robertson? Everyone else beat the pants off the Angels. You should be ashamed.

Starting Pitcher Scores

This just wasn’t Skaggs’ day. His stuff just wasn’t there. It happens, especially to youngsters. Let’s hope he can bounce back next time. Darvish was solid, but not great. Then again, it wasn’t like there was a real need to knuckle down.

Bullpen Battle

The worst thing about the bullpen in this one is that they got so overworked. Also, Nick Maronde might want to pack up his luggage. Kevin Jepsen should probably at least start looking for a realtor.

Game Flow

The only thing worth noting here is that the game wasn’t at 0% for the Angels earlier.

Halo A-Hole

Rough day, Tyler. Rough day.

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