Boxscore Breakdown Game #37: No broom for you – Blue Jays 7, Angels 3

See, I told you they wouldn’t sweep. The offense just isn’t quite that good to pull something like that off. Sure enough, the offense let too many chances slip through their fingers. C.J. Wilson giving up dingers didn’t help either.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Mike Trout did strike out again, but he also had a big run-scoring double, so there are signs that he is breaking out of this little funk. The same can’t be said for Albert Pujols, however. He had all of the groundouts today and his batted ball profile, while a little better, is still very grounder heavy and that is a real concern. C.J. Cron blasted another homer, this time off of a righty, so that could very well earn him some extended responsibilities.

For a game in which they scored seven runs, it was a pretty quiet day for Toronto. Bautista and Lawrie had the big homer and Fat Juan Francisco doubled off Rasmus, though that isn’t hard.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Even with the #whiffs, it wasn’t a very good day for C.J., though it could’ve been better had he been able to keep the ball in the park. Mark Buehrle was actually probably worse, but timely GIDPs bailed him out.

Bullpen Battle

Kevin Jepsen and Mike Morin were both strong, but Cory Rasmus got a token appearance and made a real mess of it, killing any legitimate comeback hopes. Steve Delabar killed a lot of the hope himself when he got Buehrle out of that mess in the seventh.

Game Flow

The Joey Bats homer put the Angels behind the 8-ball early, but they kept it close after the Trout double. Things didn’t get bad until the Lawrie homer, but they got plain unwinnable after Rasmus’ adventure on the mound.

Halo A-Hole

Good effort, but next time keep the ball in the park.

Garrett Wilson

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