Boxscore Breakdown Game #46: No Trout, No Problem – Angels 2, Astros 1

I think we can all agree that when the lineups for the game came out and Mike Trout was not starting that we immediately made the decision to watch this game whilst curled up in the fetal position and with the lights off, thumb-sucking optional. Luckily, Jered Weaver stepped up his game to make sure that Trout, even in his diminished state, wasn’t needed.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Albert Pujols had the big blast of the night and it proved to be the difference maker. More importantly, he is back to looking like his old self after struggling for the previous two weeks. Erick Aybar was the next biggest producer even if he has no business batting in the two-hole. Things went decidedly poorly for everyone else, as David Freese quickly lost his new car smell and the returned Kole Calhoun received a cold welcome home.

Finally, someone put an end to the tiny tyranny of Jose Altuve. Weaver really just dominated the Astros with the exception of George Spring. Weaver got his revenge though by picking him off in the ninth and causing Springer to break himself in the process.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Jered Weaver was just dynamite. Even though it was the Astros, Weaver looked almost perfect save for one mistake to Springer (and maybe another to Dominguez that he just missed). Even a real major league team would’ve had a hard time getting any offense of Jered with the way he pitched. Let me put it this way, Weaver was so good that I’m willing to overlook the fourth time through the order penalty Scioscia risked by letting Weaver pitch the ninth. The fact that he used only 94 pitches in the process is just gravy. It was a good thing Jered was so good because Collin McHugh was outstanding in his own right.

Bullpen Battle

Kyle Farnsworth was the only reliever used for either team and nobody cares about Kyle Farnsworth except Kyle Farnsworth and a few, but not all, members of his immediate family.

Game Flow

It was a fairly uneventful game with the see-saw going up until the Pujols homer in the sixth inning. From there is was baby steps up to the win for the Angels, but without any real threat from Houston ever being mounted. There was really just the minor threat Houston posed in the seventh when Jered Weaver ended up getting bailed out by the infield shift that he complained about earlier in the season.

Halo Hero

Weaver is, of course, the hero of the game, but I couldn’t help but snicker at how un-Weaver-like his giveaway gnome actually looks. Seriously, we can’t do better than that?

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