Boxscore Breakdown Game #48: Lego my win – Royals 7, Angels 4

Oh, you wanted your Lego Movie, did you little children? You probably wanted an Angel win too. Well, you didn’t get the win and if your parents were responsible about your bedtime, you probably didn’t get the movie either thanks to the game going into extras

Run Expectancy Rundown

Erick Aybar and Albert Pujols did their best to carry the offense, but it wasn’t enough. Kole Calhoun and Collin Cowgill were too busy dragging things down on the other end. Calhoun, in particular, is making it hard for me to complain about him hitting so low in the order.

Holy Eric Hosmer, Batman! He’s the only Royal hitter close to being worth a damn and he did a fine job of troubling the pitching staff. Billy Butler can’t hit homers, but he sure can hit sac flies.

Starting Pitcher Scores

This was Matt Shoemaker‘s worst start so far as he was very hittable. Still, he held it together well enough considering that the defense wasn’t doing him any favors. James Shields was actually worse according to the game score, so it is a shame the Angel offense couldn’t complete the full comeback as it would have made Shoemaker a real giant killer. It might’ve even saved him from being demoted the very next day to bolster the weary bullpen.

Bullpen Battle

Ned Yost did the Angels a huge favor by not using Greg Holland until it was a save situation (Yost gonna Yost), but they couldn’t take advantage of his obvious folly. As for the Angels, their bullpen wasn’t nearly as good. Sean Burnett and Joe Smith made themselves a mess and couldn’t completely clean it up. They held tight from there until Mike Morin had a self-inflicted meltdown.

Game Flow

The game that wasn’t, then was, then was, then went then almost was again and again until it was gone. I mean, just look at all the threats they had in extra innings to close this thing out and let the dang Lego Movie start.

Halo A-Hole

If Morin isn’t careful, he’s going to be the one in position to get sent down when (if?) Dane De La Rosa get healthy.

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