Boxscore Breakdown Game #50: Jinx – Mariners 5, Angels 1

Every year each team has some opponent that jinxes them. No matter the gap in talent or the recent historical precedent, they just can’t beat them. Last year, the Angels were jinxed against the Astros. This year, it is the Mariners. I mean, how else can you explain getting completely shutdown by Chris Young?

Run Expectancy Rundown

This is what a run expectancy chart looks like when you get hit three-hit. Kole Calhoun was the only positive contributor. Even though Pujols drove in their only run, he also hit into a doubleplay ninth inning to quickly erase any hopes of a brilliant comeback. Erick Aybar brings up the rear largely thanks to the double play that he lined into during the only real chance they had at an offensive threat early in the game.

The hope here was that Tyler Skaggs’ left-handedness would help neutralize the Mariners lefty-heavy lineup, but that just wasn’t the case, especially with Robinson Cano. Then again, he’s Robinson Cano. Saunders and Jones came out positive here, but a lot of that was built off of two infield singles.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Skaggs was much better than his line suggests. He got roughed up in those first two innings, but he really only got in trouble due to infield singles and the defense behind him letting him down. He bounced back after that to have a pretty good game. Unfortunately, Chris Young had the Angel hitters baffled all night, which is, in and of itself, baffling.

Bullpen Battle

Michael Kohn again looked shaky in a meaningless inning of relief work. The Mariners bullpen, unfortunately, looked pretty good and never really gave the Angels a shot at getting back into this one.

Game Flow

There is nothing much to say. The Angels were never in this one and never even came close to even threatening to make a threat.

Halo A-Hole

A rough night with both the bat and the glove for Aybar.

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