Boxscore Breakdown Game #52: Hail to the King – Mariners 3, Angels 1

Sometimes there just isn’t much you can do. This was one of those games. King Felix did what King Felix does and the Angels had no choice but to kneel before his dominance.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Everyone was bad in this one. Mike Trout might be the sole exception as he was the only Angel to reach base twice. Howie Kendrick was the worst of them all thanks to his untimely GIDP, not that there are ever timely GIDPs, and getting caught stealing in to short circuit the one real-threat the Angels had in the game.

It was all Mike Zunino in this one as he was the only Mariner to reach base twice. Wilson did a great job shutting down all the Mariner lefties, but he just couldn’t figure out Zunino.

Starting Pitcher Scores

My favorite thing about this match-up is that both pitchers came one out away from recording to complete games. That has to be frustrating. The only thing more frustrating was watching the Angels try to hit Felix Hernandez who was simply impossible in this one. That performance overshadowed an otherwise strong effort from C.J. Wilson.

Bullpen Battle

One reliever for each team. One batter faced for each reliever. Bullpens weren’t much of a factor in this one, though it would be nice if Fernando Rodney would blow a save against the Angels in the same way he blew saves when he was with the Angels.

Game Flow

It was a slow, painful death for the Angels. They made a little bit of noise in the fourth inning, but that was really it. King Felix was just too good.

Halo A-Hole

Howie Kendrick, killer of rallies.

Garrett Wilson

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