Boxscore Breakdown Game #56: Better luck next time – Athletics 6, Angels 3

Well, the Angels just didn’t have it in this series. And by “it,” I don’t mean Mike Trout, though that certainly didn’t help. They just didn’t have anything resembling cohesion or chemistry. Their vaunted baserunning abandoned them this series. Their potent lineup went limp. The solid rotation work they had been getting was nowhere to be found. Well, the Angels have given themselves a lot of work to do to challenge for first place again, but they’ll get their chances, they just need to wait.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Not a great day for the Angel offense, again. Hank Conger had a very rough day. Albert Pujols supposedly did as well, but it shouldn’t fall to him that Kole Calhoun TOOTBLAN’d so very hard in the first inning. Fortunately, Calhoun was able to salvage his day with a walk and a hit. Oh, and Raul Ibanez remains useless.

Jered Weaver got done in by a combination of Jed Lowrie, Josh Donaldson and NERD POWER. Good thing he had such a long history of dominating the A’s or this could’ve been really bad.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Jered Weaver just wasn’t any good. He reverted back to having iffy command which made him very hittable and hit him the A’s did. Sonny Gray wasn’t at the top of his game, but the Angels just weren’t able to take advantage, which is pretty much the story of this entire series.

Bullpen Battle

The Angels bullpen was nothing special, in fact, they had to get Ernesto Frieri in there just to get him some work. The Oakland bullpen, however, simply stepped on the Angels’ throat.

Game Flow

It was a game there for a minute, but after Weaver started getting knocked around, Oakland had the game in control. Even though it wasn’t a blowout, the Halos just never really did much to get themselves into position for a comeback.

Halo A-Hole

I thought aces were supposed to step up against top competition and stop losing streaks. Weaver did neither. So what does that mean?

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