Boxscore Breakdown Game #6: Quit pulling my Weave – Astros 7, Angels 4

We should’ve known better than to think the Angels could sweep the mighty Astros or have their ace (if that is still what you want to call him) actually pitch well against one of the worst lineups in baseball.

Run Expectancy Rundown

Kole Calhoun has really had some bad RE24 performances in this series. At the same time, I don’t know how much you can punish him when he saw 28 pitches in the game. That doesn’t factor into RE24, but that is a positive contribution. Hopefully things will start breaking right for him soon.

Jonathan Villar, one-man wrecking crew. Oh, wait, no. He had a lot of help thanks to all the homers. Seriously, so many homers.

Starting Pitcher Scores

So, I think it might be time for me to buy the domain name Also, I am still trying to figure out how Scott Feldman is kind of good now.

Bullpen Battle
Matt Shoemaker and his beard came in to clean up after Weaver. He, too, gave up a homer, but since the game was mostly over by then, his WPA was just a -0.013.

Thank you to Anthony Bass for helping my fantasy team and letting Chad Qualls pick up a cheap save. All is forgiven.

Game Flow

Just yuck. It was a slow painful death for the Angels who really never mounted a threat. By the time they got something going in the ninth inning, they were too far behind to put a real dent in the WPA.

Halo A-Hole

This is why velocity matters, Jered. You didn’t have your good command in this game, and when you throw so slow, you have almost no margin for error. Guess what? You made a lot of errors. Maybe it is time to start taking the velocity loss seriously.

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