Boxscore Breakdown Game #61: Sale Away – Angels 6, White Sox 5

For awhile there is looked like Chris Sale and the White Sox were just going to runaway with this game. Then Sale found himself in a little bit of trouble, but he made a pretty good pitch. Somehow, Mike Trout turned that pretty good pitch into a very bad moment for Sale and then on into a Halos victory.

Run Expectancy Rundown

If I didn’t know better, I’d say Mike Trout must’ve done something pretty cool in this game. Erick Aybar turned in a nice game as well. Really though, I’m most impressed with Josh Hamilton, who had three hits, two of which came off of Sale. I think Josh might really be fixed. David Freese and C.J. Cron both had hits in this one, but both failed hard in big moments earlier in the game.

Through the first two games of this series, you would have no idea what a terrible season Alejandro De Aza has been having. Adam Dunn also is going to miss the Angels when Chicago has to leave town. I, for one, had forgotten that Adam Dunn even still existed. I won’t make that mistake again.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Looking at the game scores makes this pitching match-up look far more even that it really was. Shoemaker did well with strikeouts, but he was once again far too hittable and unable to go deep into the game. Sale, however, was outstanding for seven innings only fall apart in the eighth. Big ups to Robin Ventura for letting Sale stay out there as long as he did in the eighth.

Bullpen Battle

Cory Rasmus should get some appreciation for two solid innings of work to keep the Angels in the game. Jake Petricka should get even more credit for allowing the go-ahead run to score on hits that all came with two outs. Thanks, Jake!

Game Flow

This gamechart is crazytown. The Angels had a fork sticking out of their back during the sixth and seventh inning and then all of the sudden- GRAND SLAM! Done. Just like that, the Halos took control. Nobody saw it coming.

Halo Hero

Like it was going to be anyone else? Seriously though, how did he hit that pitch out? Even Vlad Guerrero doesn’t know how Trout did that.

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