Boxscore Breakdown Game #8: False start – Mariners 5, Angels 3

It started so well, both offensively and on the mound, but it ended so much worse in just about every regard.

Run Expectancy Rundown

A whole lot of Albert Pujols, a little bit of David Freese (including his first ever extra-base hit as an Angels, yay!) and… nothing. Just nothing else. Damn you, James Paxton.

If only Corey Hart had been trying to hit with sunglasses at night, this game could have gone so much differently. I’ll show myself out.

Starting Pitcher Scores

Once again, Hector Santiago gets the whiffs, but just has little meltdowns along the way and turns in a stinker. James Paxton wasn’t lights out this time, but he was still quite good after the first inning. If not for his lat strain, he could have gone deeper and done more damage.

Bullpen Battle

The WPA tells the story, but the Seattle bullpen pitched four no-hit innings, though with four walks, while the Angels bullpen was decent in that they allowed one insurance run in 3.2 innings of work. Why Fernando Salas earned the honor of working 1.2 of those innings, I don’t know.

Game Flow

This one was a real rollercoaster. The Halos were in the driver’s seat after their big first inning and held firm right up Hart took Santiago long. By then, the M’s were in control. That control wavered in the sixth, but Freese killed that with an inning-ending GIDP (we should get used to that from him). They again clawed their way back from the ledge with two walks to lead off the ninth, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Halo A-Hole

By all rights, this should go to Santiago, but Josh Hamilton gets the honors for the double whammy of stupid for not only sliding headfirst (paging Mike Trout) but sliding into FIRST FREAKING BASE! He wrecked his thumb, now he’s out two months and it led to Ian Stewart getting to hit with runners on first and second and no out in the ninth inning of close game. Damn you, Josh.

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