Cam Bedrosian joins the Angels bullpen, Kohn gets the boot

The Angels don’t have much in the way of major league-ready prospects worth getting excited over, but Cam Bedrosian might be one of them. As such, prepare to get excited because Bedrosian has just been called up to the majors.

Bedrock Jr. has become the object of many a prospect-head’s affection due to his absurd strikeout rate in the minors this year of 16.9 K/9. That’s made all the more impressive when you consider that he has allowed just six hits in 24 innings. Basically, nobody can make contact with his pitches. The Angels could use a little bit of that. Everyone could use a little bit of that.

To make room for Bedrosian, Michael Kohn was sent down to Triple-A which is surprising when you look back at how well he pitched in April. It isn’t surprising at all when you look at how he pitched in May.