Enright, Lowe never give the Angels a chance in 9-5 loss to Kansas City

All the Angels want is a chance to turn things around but their thin, decimated roster just isn't affording them one. Take tonight for example. By the third inning the game was essentially over because of how far down the depth chart the Angels have had to go.

Barry Enright, who is the ninth starting pitcher the Halos have used this year, once again proved that he has no business on a big league roster. He knows and, more importantly, Mike Scioscia knows it. That's why Sosh came with a crazy early hook after Enright loaded the bases with no outs in the third inning despite the score being 1-0. Scioscia could see that the situation was only going to end poorly for Enright and pulled him in desperate hope that the bullpen could at least keep the damage to a minimum and give the Angels a shot at getting back into the game against struggling pitcher Wade Davis.

It was an aggressive plan, but a good one as the Halos did knock around Davis and really tested the KC bullpen after that. The problem was the execution. It turns out the bullpen didn't stem the bleeding. More specifically, Mark Lowe couldn't do it as he not only allowed all three inherited runners to score, but tacked on another four runs for good measure. Those proved to be the most costly because Michael Roth, Garrett Richards, Michael Kohn and Robert Coello combined to permit just one more run to cross the plate in six innings of work which meant the Angels lost by, you guessed it, four runs.

That is just the kind of season the Angels are having. They try and make the best of a bad situation and even when they make the right decision, it still goes all wrong.

Royals 9, Angels 5

Game Notes

–If you want to hang this one on the Big Catorce, don't knock him for yanking Enright so soon. Knock him for who he chose to replace Enright with. Mark Lowe may be a veteran, but he is garbage. Including this game he has inherited eight runners this season and allowed all but one to score. He is the last guy to call into a bases loaded with no outs situation. Even with a need to have someone like him soak up innings with Enright getting pulled so early, the smarter move would've been to hold off using Lowe until a lower leverage situation. With seven innings to fill, it was inevitable that Richards or Kohn would enter the game and both are clearly better than Lowe. Why save them for late in the game when the score might be out of hand when they could come in early and prevent such a scenario from unfolding?

–While everyone was busy hating on Enright and Lowe, they missed out on another very frustrating offensive performance. The Angels collected 12 hits and six walks yet they only plated five runs. As it has been all season, the bats produce except when there are runners in scoring position. There isn't really a cure for that.

–Iannetta got another hit tonight, so his bat might finally be waking up. However, he also allowed two more steals and another passed ball. One can't help but wonder how much longer Scioscia will tolerate that.

–The other kick in the nuts with games like this is that it hoses the Angels for the next few days. Even though they are already carrying eight relievers, they basically burnt Michael Roth (who was good tonight and likely to be demoted for his trouble so the Angels can get a warm body to take his place) and Garrett Richards. Mark Lowe threw a lot of pitches too, so he is burnt as well, not that Scioscia would dare use him again. That all adds up to the already beleaguered Angels bullpen heading into what should be a cupcake series against the ChiSox woefully understaffed in relief. I'm sure it won't come back to haunt them like it has every other time that has happened to them this year.


Halo A-Hole of the Game

Enright was terrible, but we knew he would be. No, Lowe gets the blame for this debacle. Let's see what fake injury he comes up with this time to avoid getting placed on waivers.

Garrett Wilson

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