First tweets of the Angels

So Twitter recently unveiled a new feature where you can see the very first tweet for any Twitter user. What a great idea! Now we can see what insightful or insipid or embarrassing thing someone said when they first joined a medium that they probably didn't understand at the time. This seems like a great source of entertainment. In fact, I think it would be loads of fun to see what various Angels players posted as their first tweet. Let's take a look, shall we?

First up, resident Angels Twitter luminary C.J. Wilson. Surely he'll have some motivational, PMA-related tweet, right?

OK, not quite sure what that is all about, but C.J. is a weird guy.

Perhaps his rotation mates had something more insightful to say as they joined twitter. What say you, Garrett Richards?

"Much love?" That doesn't sound very Oklahoman, but he spells his first name with two T's, so I'll let it sldie.

Let's see if Tyler Skaggs can't up the level of conversation.

Oops indeed.

Alright, let's look deeper down the depth chart at Matt Shoemaker.

Much better! Complete and total pandering to the fans, but at least there is something of substance. I must also say that Shoemaker really has the whole hashtag game down pretty well for a first tweet.

Still, I crave something more entertaining. Let's turn to the bullpen. Relievers are supposed to be funny and quirky, right, Dane De La Rosa?

This man speaks the truth! Still, this was the best the bullpen had to offer.

OK, how about the best player in the world, Mike Trout?

Oh, for Pete's sake. Knowing Trout's regular tweeting habits, this is actually a candidate for his best tweet ever since it lacks emojis and multiple exclamation points.

OK, let's try one of their big offseason pick-ups, David Freese.

You have to hand it to Freese, at least he is self aware.

Time to quit screwing around. Let's go with someone known to be funny, Hank Conger.

Well, that was a letdown.

Enough with this player nonsense then. Obviously they just aren't good at hitting the Twitter ground running. What about Victor Rojas? He uses words for a living!

What the hell is a chicken twist? What is going on here?

This just isn't working. One last try to find something entertaining. Let's see what the Angels' official Twitter account christened the Twitterverse with.

AAAAAGGGGH!!!!! Why did I do that? That "defending AL West champion" reference is just downright depressing. This was a terrible, terrible idea.


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