Halo Headlines: don’t sleep on the Angels, Halos won’t abandon infield shift

The May 1st, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including don’t sleep on the Angels, Halos won’t abandon infield shift and much more…

The Story: Stats show the Angels are much better than their record.
The Monkey Says: A top offense, top defense and solid rotation should equal a contender, but they have been short-circuited by their lousy bullpen. That part of the team can only improve and the team will only get healthier. Sooner or later, this team is going to go on a big winning streak and vault themselves right into the realm of the elite teams in MLB. Or at least that is what I keep telling myself.

The Story: The Angels will continue to use the infield shift despite mixed results and pitcher frustration.
The Monkey Says: This only really appears to be an issue because because Jered Weaver got butthurt about an extra-base hit to the opposite field that would’ve been caught without the shift. Those are more the exception than the rule, so don’t expect the Angels to seriously consider giving up this strategy that is now sweeping through all of baseball.

The Story: Sean Burnett threw 11 pitches in an advanced spring training game on Wednesday.
The Monkey Says: He came through it feeling good, so there is now a ray of hope that Burnett might actually play for the Angels again in the not so distant future.

The Story: Don Baylor visited the Angels clubhouse and is nearing a more permanent return.
The Monkey Says: Getting Groove back can only help. David Freese, J.B. Shuck and Raul Ibanez eagerly await his return.

The Story: The Angels hope to keep Michael Roth in the organization after he was recently designated for assignment.
The Monkey Says: It is expected that he will go unclaimed, so they should get their wish. I wouldn’t be surprised though if a cellar-dweller team tried to claim him.

The Story: The Angels could be buyer on the outfield trade market.
The Monkey Says: I seriously doubt it. If they haven’t made a move to upgrade over Shuck or Cowgill by now, then they aren’t likely to in the near future. Kole Calhoun is only about two weeks away from a return and Hamilton isn’t far behind. If anything, the Angels might trade for DH help if Ibanez doesn’t start hitting more consistently.

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