Halo Headlines: Hamilton is AL co-Player of the Week, Mike Trout made a mistake signing his extension

The April 8th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Hamilton is AL co-Player of the Week, Mike Trout made a mistake signing his extension and much more…

The Story: Josh Hamilton was named the AL co-Player of the Week.
The Monkey Says: He shares it with Chris Colabello, which really goes to show just how prestigious this award is. Whatever. At least Hamilton is playing well.

The Story: Mike Trout made a mistake by signing his contract extension.
The Monkey Says: If only we could all live in a world where getting $144.5 million guaranteed could be viewed as a mistake. Maybe, just maybe, the certainty of being otherworldly rich is worth passing up getting twice as much money. I mean, who could really tell the difference between living off of $144.5 million and $300 million? At a point, the law of diminishing returns has to kick in pretty hard, I would think.

The Story: Director of baseball operations Justin Hollander gives insight into the big signings over the last few years.
The Monkey Says: Lots of interesting tidbits here like Dipoto having a treasure trove of aging curve research, the justification for the Bourjos trade and, most interestingly to me, confirmation that big part of acquiring Freese and other players this offseason was largely about changing the clubhouse culture.

The Story: A look at the two-seam sinking fastball that Tyler Skaggs busted out in his first start.
The Monkey Says: This is obviously something Skaggs had been working on and the results were pretty great. The optimism for Skaggs’ potential continues to rise.

The Story: The Angels had one of the biggest playoff odds shifts in the first week.
The Monkey Says: And it was just a 6.5 percent drop, so take it easy with the Chicken Little act.

The Story: Assessing the hot seat status of six managers, including Mike Scioscia.
The Monkey Says: As I have said all along. I can see Scioscia being fired, I just don’t foresee Arte Moreno allowing that to happen mid-season.

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