Halo Headlines: Trout vs. Harper edition

The April 22nd, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including everyone talking about Trout facing off with Harper and much more…

The Story: Mike Trout and Bryce Harper sharing the field for the first time is something special.
The Monkey Says: Is it really that much more special than Trout and Cabrera sharing the field? I get the age connection between the two, but right now that is the only real commonality. Trout is the best player alive and Harper is “just” an All-Star who some think could be an MVP someday.

The Story: Enjoy the excitement of the first Trout-Harper series.
The Monkey Says: How can I enjoy it if I have to keep dealing with this narrative being crammed down my throat? It’s a nice coincidence, but it isn’t like these two were separated at birth or even know each other that well personally.

The Story: Trout and Harper comparisons may be a career-long thing.
The Monkey Says: Yes, because the media chooses to continue them even though there is very little reason to continue to do so. If a personal rivalry develops, great. Go for it. Otherwise, having the two play three games against each other every three years isn’t really enough to keep it going.

The Story: Mike Trout sent Bryce Harper a very pleasant text message in lieu of their first meeting.
The Monkey Says: OMG! A friendly text message! These two are bonded together forever in history now!!

The Story: Mike Trout trolled Bryce Harper’s hustle (maybe).
The Monkey Says: I’m not convinced that Trout is witty enough to actually have meant that as a troll so much as him just being aware of the overblown incident Harper was involved in the other day.

The Story: Nick Maronde was called up to take Josh Wall’s spot on the roster.
The Monkey Says: Yes, there was actual news yesterday… barely. We knew this was going to happen on Sunday, but it is now official. I’m sure you are all excited.

The Story: Nobody cares about Albert Pujols being on the verge of 500 homers and it is all baseball’s fault.
The Monkey Says: Because steroids, man! PEDs have ruined all enjoyable things in life! FAUX OUTRAGE!!!!!

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