Halo Headlines: Angels a finalist for Tanaka, Steamer projections for Angels prospects

The January 13th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Angels a finalist for Tanaka, Steamer projections for Angels prospects and much more…

The Story: The Angels are one of three finalists for the services of Masahiro Tanaka.

The Monkey Says: This is via a Japanese news source, so it may not be completely trustworthy. Part of that is just that stuff gets lost in translation and the other part is just not knowing how reliable the reporter is. If it is true, this obviously bodes well for the Halos as they must be doing something right to be in the mix with the Yankees, who are said to be the favorite, and the Dodgers, who have vowed to not be outbid. If Tanaka is already back in Japan with his suitors whittled down, we might get a resolution to this sooner than expected.

The Story: Masahiro Tanaka would prefer to live in New York, Los Angeles or Boston.

The Monkey Says: This was an earlier report and might well explain why he is down to those three teams as the Red Sox are said to not be pursuing Tanaka. Let's hope that Tanaka doesn't look too closely into that whole "of Anaheim" part of the team's name.

The Story: Steamer projections for the top Angel prospects.

The Monkey Says: According to this, Taylor Lindsey could hold his own in the majors right now, as could Cron, if you are willing to overlook that hideous 3.7% walk rate. On the pitching side, Steamer thinks highly of R.J. Alvarez and that's about it.

The Story: Fangraphs' top 10 Angels prospects.

The Monkey Says: No real surprises here, but good info.

The Story: C.J. Cron talks about his approach.

The Monkey Says: The good news is he realizes he is too aggressive and that he isn't worried about his power dip. Now he just needs to prove he can fix both of those things.

The Story: A look at the Angels' bottom-ranked farm system.

The Monkey Says: There is hope there, especially from the position player side. As the article states, they really lack high-end rotation prospects. However, I think there are at least a handful of guys they drafted in 2013 that can really help start addressing that need.

The Story: Team-by-team pitch framing projections done in a quick and lazy manner.

The Monkey Says: The Angels rate in the top third of the league, so they must be projecting a lot more Conger and a lot less Iannetta.

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